My practice explores journeys as transformative mechanisms: how does meaning change as something moves from one point to another? Using a hybrid of photography and painting to highlight the role of an object, I investigate relationships between time and substance. I subject my objects to processes beyond their initial intended purpose. They become a form in space, photographed and modified, and perhaps combined with cutouts and fabric swatches.

Biography: Wil Murray studied painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design (Calgary) and lives and works in Berlin (Germany). Recent solo exhibitions include THE ONLYES POWER IS NO POWER, VITRINE (London); On Invasive Species and Infidelity’, The Art Gallery of Alberta (Calgary); Please Boss Remember Me, VITRINE (London); Die Welt In Farben P|M Gallery (Toronto); and Last Summer I Build A 1:8 Scale Model of Your Vagina, Staatsgalerie Prenzlauer Berg, (Berlin). His group shows include A journey from a sweeping gesture to a lasting effect, VITRINE (Basel); NOT A PHOTO, The Hole (New York City); and The Painting Project, Galerie de L’UQAM in Montreal, CA. Murray received an honourable mention in the prestigious RBC Canadian Painting Competition in 2008, and exhibited in the Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2015 and 2017.

Wil Murray lives and works in Berlin, DE

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